Coffee fragrance collection

lt’s no surprise that coffee has become the second most consumed drink around the globe. Each coffee bean tells a story which awakens the senses of even the sleepiest of heads.

Cardamom, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, dried apricot, rose, oud, jasmine … to create an enticing smell. Let the art inside the bottle take you to an exotic journey throughout history. Imagine the beginning on the Ethiopian plains; relax yourself in the Houses of Wisdom of the Middle East, which were full of coffee, scents and perfumes.

Step into the first European Coffee Houses of XVII century and finish the journey on the vast American coffee plantations of nowadays. Enjoy our collection and experience the melting pot of cultures and tastes from all over the world that have inspired us to create this perfumed masterpiece. You never know where the smell of coffee might take you so … give yourself a perfumed coffee break and moka your day.