What are we looking for when consuming food products?

Quality nutrition, pleasant textures, appropriate vitamin contents and a desirable appearance. And, of course, a nice flavour, responsible for the pleasure resulting from a good meal. Without this ingredient, the product will not be successful.

The consumption of flavours grows at the same speed as the food market due to the constant development of new culinary preparations, which require flavour and taste to meet consumer expectations from all around the world.

Over the past years, the flavour industry has experienced a very important technological and scientific evolution. The success of functional foods and healthy products, but also the need for the food industry to adapt to the new international flavours, has brought a full expansion and constant updating of the sector.

At the flavour department of RAVETLLAT AROMATICS all our efforts are focussed on the development of new products adapted to the demand of our customers so they can taste the difference.


The technical and creative departments, jointly with the R&D department work constantly in order to discover and recognize the trends of the market and develop new aromas to give a more complete service.

This way, our clients can choose quickly the most suitable aroma for their project.

Aromas à la carte

For those projects which are more specific, we create tailor-made aromas according to the client’s indications and needs.


We have a broad range of aromas distributed in these categories: