Our Mission
Since 1932 Ravetllat Aromatics has been devoted to design and manufacture fragrances and food flavours for all kind of products and spaces.

Our creations contribute to differentiate and improve our customers’ products, giving this invisible and essential touch that is only perceived by our senses.

Our Vision
Enhance our portfolio and introduce new products of added value. Our goal is to identify new market opportunities in all kind of sectors.

We aim to expand our compositions around the world from our headquarters in Barcelona.

Our Values

Passion for our job.
Every day we enjoy creating new accords, discovering new molecules, new sensations... Nature inspires us and we reinvent it daily.

Our clients , our reason to exist. 
The success of our creations has no sense if it is not applied in final products. Therefore, we like to work close with our clients. We offer all our experience, technical preparation and market knowledge in order to develop excellent products together.

Honesty, the essence of our identity.
Clients know that they can trust in our words. We can't offer what doesn't exist, however, we will make the impossible to create it.
We care about our people.  Personal and professional growth of our collaborators is the foundation to create value in the company and to design every day better products. Only with the union of all our indivindual talents, we achieve our goals.

Adaptation: new challenges excite us.
Our great organization allows us to adaptar quickly to market changes, seeing new opportunities where other see difficulties.